Q&A: Any COVID Vaccine Won’t be a Magic Cure-All

Jack Regan, PhD: “We’ve never developed a vaccine against coronavirus. And because of that, the question is how efficacious is this vaccine going to be? How long is the immunity going to last?”

Jack Regan, PhD, wants to stress that he would like to see a vaccine for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) as much as anybody. And even though Regan is the CEO and founder of LexaGene, a company that manufactures COVID-19 tests, he thinks that testing will be a huge part of trying to contain the coronavirus, vaccine or no vaccine. However, as with everything COVID, the science is in flux. He cites recent studies of some COVID patients whose antibodies against peak at a certain point, and then wane. If the COVID antibodies don’t stay sustained for a long period of time, someone “could literally get either exposed or vaccinated and get sick again, literally two or three months later, which is very, very troubling. We should not be looking at this winter with the vaccine coming as the end of the pandemic.”