Richard Wolf Medical Instruments Launches Narrow-Channel Reprocessing Training


To ensure thorough cleaning and sterilization of narrow-channel flexible endoscopes after each use, Richard Wolf Medical Instruments Corp. has created a reprocessing education and training series, complete with step-by-step posters to display in perioperative and central sterile supply settings.

Richard Wolf will debut the series, along with new surgical products and video devices, at the 60th Annual Congress of the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN), March 3-7, 2013 in San Diego.

Currently the subject of intense focus across the health care industry, the reprocessing of surgical instruments is increasingly recognized as a critical factor in preventing infection. Todays endoscopes maximize access and comfort during surgical procedures, but their narrow channels demand systematic decontamination, disinfection and proper handling techniques with each use, whether they are cleaned manually or by machine.

Sterility cannot be detected by the naked eye; it requires diligence and vigilance, says Monica Sanders, corporate director of marketing.
Richard Wolf is dedicated to providing not only the most sophisticated tools on the market but also the most complete education to ensure patient safety. Like the healthcare providers we serve, Richard Wolf delivers optimum care.

Originally oriented to gastrointestinal scopes, the protocols spelled out in the reprocessing series can be applied to other types and brands of flexible endoscopes. The module includes a technical paper written by Richard Wolfs reprocessing senior product manager, Sydney Nye, RN, MBA, and a 19-minute video on reprocessing flexible endoscopes featuring Nancy Chobin, executive director of the Certification Board for Sterile Processing and Distribution (CBSPD), and Cynthia Spry, past-president of AORN and an international educator for Advanced Sterilization Products (ASP).

The Joint Commission or any organization who reviews hospital quality programs asks every hospital to document the competencies used to train their employees in reprocessing and sterilization. Weve created a competency checklist for them, says Nye. This orientation competency checklist covers everything the staff needs to know to perform reprocessing and sterilization for flexible endoscopes.

The module also includes four how-to posters to distribute to areas needing a quick reference to reprocess the flexible endoscopes.

Sometimes posters include so much information that they dont tell you anything. The size of the poster may limit where it can be displayed; usually not where the staff is performing the work, Nye says. By contrast, the posters in our module are intended to fit wherever the staff is performing the tasks for reprocessing endoscopes. They will fit right above a sink or above their work stations in the Perioperative area and Central Sterile Supply areas.

Nye also has written a CE guide for participants who visit the Richard Wolf booth #3339.  After completing the self-study guide, the participant will be eligible for 2 CE hours.

At the booth, Richard Wolf Medical Instruments Corp. also will introduce its latest innovations, including ureteroscopes with a smaller profile designed for patient comfort; a new scope, the Egg Scope for thoracoscopy, a new camera platform for use in hospitals and clinics, and a video mediastinoscope that can be fully dissembled for reliable reprocessing.

Richard Wolf also is convening two focus groups at AORN Congress being held this week. The first, on Tuesday, seeks feedback on reusable trocars and instruments to better gauge nurses preference for reusable or disposable products. The second one, on Wednesday, seeks feedback about experiences with Richard Wolf products compared with others, from sourcing through end use. Findings from both focus groups will be compiled by June.

Richard Wolf will also be presenting similar education materials and products at the next International Association of Healthcare Central Service Materiel Management (IAHCSMM) conference, May 5-8, 2013, in San Diego. Nye will also be conducting a pre-meeting lab on Saturday May 4, 2013.  The topic will be Care and Handling of Flexible Endoscopes.

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