Rubbermaid Introduces Healthcare Cleaning Carts

WINCHESTER, Va. -- Announcing a leap forward in the microfiber cleaning field, Rubbermaid Commercial Products introduces the Healthcare Cleaning Carts and accessories. A recent addition to the companys exclusive microfiber cleaning system, the carts include features to handle the latest in microfiber technology. 

Healthcare professionals are asking for help in combating cross-contamination, said Bob Lauer, product manager. Rubbermaids microfiber mopping system helps reduce cross-contamination during the cleaning process, and our new Healthcare Cleaning Carts have been specifically designed from the ground up to take full advantage of this system.

The Healthcare Cleaning Carts work hand-in-hand with Rubbermaids full line of microfiber products. Storage features include Tool Grip holders and high-capacity bins for microfiber pads and other supplies. Microfiber Disinfecting, Pedal Wring, and Press Wring Buckets attach directly to the carts via a new, patent-pending Lock N Go systemcreating an all-in-one microfiber cleaning solution. The carts are constructed from durable, easy-to-clean structural web plastic and non-rusting aluminum.

The carts feature easy opening, locking cabinet doors and hood that meet JCAHO healthcare industry standards for keeping cleaning supplies concealed and secure. The cabinet doors and hood open from either side of the cart for quick access. A small thing, like being able to access all your supplies from both sides of the cart, has a meaningful impact on productivity, Lauer added.

Although specifically designed for the healthcare industry, Rubbermaid Commercial Products Healthcare Cleaning Carts and accessories can be used in any environment that requires high-capacity storage options, superior security features, and high-end aesthetics.

Source: Rubbermaid Commercial Products