SaniTimer Puts Hospital Staff on the Clock for Hand Hygiene

The SaniTimer® device attaches easily to any standard handwashing sink faucet to help ensure that healthcare staff rinse, lather and wash their hands for the full 20 seconds recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) to avoid the spread of harmful bacteria. The SaniTimer® automatically begins a 30-second countdown - the extra 10 seconds account for an individual's preferred handwash prep - shown on an easy-to-read LED display as soon as the water is turned on. There is no button to push or extra steps necessary for staff members to perform in order to utilize this aid. At the end of the cycle, the SaniTimer® beeps to alert the hand washing user and resets itself to 30 seconds for the next staff member. The device works with pedal sinks as well as hands-free sinks for ease of installment and operation with your existing system.

The SaniTimer® is a simple and straightforward yet effective tool in medical applications, as statistics show that improper hand hygiene accounts for roughly 20,000 healthcare-cquired infection (HAI) deaths annually. Hand hygiene with soap and water is the only known effective way to kill spores such as C. difficile and viral threats such as norovirus, as hand sanitizers are not fully effective against these threats. Hand hygiene with soap and water should be the first and most used means of proper hand hygiene over all else in a medical facility with the top factors of focus being on the friction and timing components. The SaniTimer® solves the issue of timing and coupled with proper hand hygiene technique and training offers a cost-effective means of stopping the spread of bacteria.

Source: SaniTimer