Seal Shield, LLC Introduces New Clean Wipe Washable Keyboard

Seal Shield, LLC announces the Clean Wipe™ Medical Grade Keyboard. Developed for the healthcare market, the Clean Wipe™ is a waterproof (IP-68), chiclet-style keyboard constructed with antimicrobial product protection. The Seal Shield Clean Wipe™ is a low-profile, small form factor keyboard, available in USB wired or Bluetooth® wireless versions. The Seal Shield Clean Wipe™ keyboard is designed to be 100 percent waterproof, fully submersible, washable and dishwasher safe. The keyboard includes an optional form-fitted, transparent silicone cover which allows it to be quickly disinfected with sprays or sanitizing wipes. Additionally, the Clean Wipe™ keyboard is protected by Silver Seal™, an antimicrobial, fungistatic additive which reduces the growth of mold, mildew and odor causing bacteria on the product's surfaces.

"Our healthcare customers are demanding hygienic keyboard solutions to help prevent nosocomial infections," says Seal Shield CEO Brad Whitchurch. "We developed the Seal Shield Clean Wipe™ in response to demand for a keyboard which had natural-style tactics, but could be quickly, easily and effectively cleaned in an emergency room, operating room, surgery center or dental clinic."

The Seal Shield Clean Wipe™ keyboard is currently in stock and available from distributors at a retail price of $69.99 US (corded) or $99.99 US (Bluetooth®). 

Source: Seal Shield, LLC