Sempermed Launches New Videos and YouTube Channel

Sempermed USA, Inc.  announces new additions to its social media portfolio. New educational videos are now available for viewing and download through the website, and also on a newly dedicated YouTube channel,

There are currently two informative and entertaining videos available. The first video, titled This is Sempermed gives an overview of the company and its commitment to delivering high-quality hand protection solutions in a variety of environments. The other video, Hand Protection 101 is designed specifically to help the viewer make sense of the different glove materials Sempermed has to offer, allowing them to make an educated choice suitable for their hand protection needs.

In 2010, we officially launched our social media campaign with a LinkedIn group, Twitter account and a corporate blog. We are keeping very active in this area of communication says Brooke Rosenberg, director of marketing. Adding these fun and educational videos, along with a dedicated YouTube channel to our social media collection, offers another valuable avenue which allows us to reach the healthcare and industrial markets through various platforms.