Six-Minute Surgical Instrument Sterilizer Introduced

Germgard Lighting LLC, a New Jersey-based, early phase medical technology company, announces its patented, ultra-fast surgical instrument re-sterilization system.

According to Germgard's CEO, Dr. Eugene I. Gordon, "Deployment of our efficacious, easy-to-use, and ultra-fast sterilization products will be one of the least expensive, quickest to implement, and most effective means for healthcare facilities to immediately lower operating costs and properly protect patients undergoing surgery."

The ability to inactivate all pathogens, including spores, with room temperature techniques in just six minutes to achieve 100 percent kill was absolutely unimaginable only a couple of years ago. "This tabletop system, featuring scalable capacity, and available at autoclave price points, is truly disruptive," says Cheryl Perkins, president of Innovation Edge.

Germgard says it is positioned to assist hospitals to run better, provide higher quality healthcare, produce improved patient outcomes and reduce costs. The company adds that this solution for instrument re-sterilization will resolve the persistent issues of speed, efficacy, and instrument wear that have long plagued instrument re-sterilization in hospitals and clinics, and placed millions of patients, as well as the financial well-being of healthcare, at risk. Gordon adds, "Commercialization and implementation of this solution will positively impact infection prevention and resolve operational cost tradeoffs facing hospital CEOs."

Germgard Lighting LLC is funded by and located in a NJ Commission on Science and Technology supported innovation incubator on the campus of the U.S. Army Picatinny Arsenal. Its technology pipeline enables a multi-tiered approach to infection prevention that includes cost-effective bare and gloved hand sanitation, medical instrument sterilization, surface cleaning and air sterilization.

Source: Germgard Lighting LLC