Stanford Donor Withholds $60 Million Set for Stem Cell Research

STANFORD, Calif-Jim Clark, Netscape, Silicon Graphics, Healtheon, and MyCFO founder has decided to withhold $60 million of a $150 million donation to a new biomedical research center at Stanford University. His action comes in protest of the recent restrictions placed on stem cell research.

Clark made his decision known in an opinions piece in the New York Times and was adamant that his choice has little to do with the university and everything to do with the current White House administration.

Clark originally donated the money to help bring different science and engineering disciplines together to hopefully create cures for a plethora of diseases. However, he pointedly wrote that the Bush administration's decision to not allow federal money to pay for the study of stem cells would significantly limit research and scientific inquiry.

University officials said they were saddened by Clark's decision but said the $90 million will allow the center's construction to continue for now.

The center, known as "Bio-X," is a 225,000-square-foot building that is expected to be complete by 2003. The university estimated the project will cost $200 million to complete. The goals of the center include applied sciences to develop artificial ears, eyes, and other prosthetic devices. They also hope to use new technologies to make advances in tissue growth, possibly growing heart cells or entire organs.

Researchers say stem cells could potentially help repair damage from Parkinson's diseases, strokes, and other diseases.

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