Sterilization Standards Committee Loses Longtime Leader

Earlier this month, medical device sterilization pioneer James Whitby, MD, died at his home in London, Ontario, Canada surrounded by family. He was 92. Whitby’s work with the gamma irradiation of medical equipment set the foundation for the ISO 11137 series of documents, which were authored by a committee he chaired. He also was a member of the AAMI Sterilization Committee and ISO/TC 190, which focuses on the sterilization of healthcare products. Whitby won the first AAMI Standards Developer Award in 2007.

“Dr. Whitby, who was a very early member of the Sterilization Standards Committee, was an amazing man. He was a great doctor, scholar, and scientist, but just as much a great human being and a great friend. I will miss him,” said Joe Lewelling, vice president of emerging technologies and health IT at AAMI.

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Source: AAMI