SterilTek, Inc. and Breakthrough Management Group, Inc. Collaborate to Offer Healthcare Consulting Solutions

MENTOR, Ohio -- STERIS Corporation announces the signing of an agreement between Breakthrough Management Group, Inc. (BMG) and SterilTek, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of STERIS Corporation. The agreement allows the two companies to leverage the combined strength of SterilTek and BMG brands and capabilities to provide complete performance improvement consulting, analysis, methodologies and training for all areas of a healthcare facilitys operations.


The strength of this new relationship comes from combining SterilTeks capabilities in process improvement consulting for hospital operating room and sterile processing departments with BMGs expertise in Total Performance Excellence, Lean and Six Sigma, Design for Six Sigma (DFSS), and Theory of Inventive Problem-Solving (TRIZ), and offering this combined skill set to healthcare clients as a package.


Healthcare providers have been begun applying proven performance improvement methodologies that have typically been used in other industries to improve process quality and reduce overall costs. This has become increasingly important as hospitals and other medical facilities are challenged to reduce costs and are under greater scrutiny from consumers who demand more comparative information on hospital quality and performance. Hospitals and health centers are seeking advice from experts who can apply these methods to the particular requirements of the healthcare environment, at both an overall enterprise level and in specific clinical and functional areas.


SterilTek, Inc., a leading healthcare process improvement consulting company, provides experience-based professionals who focus on improving the efficiencies between the economic engine of the hospital -- the operating room -- and the complete surgical instrument reprocessing cycle that supports its productivity. SterilTek offers comprehensive financial, clinical and operational evaluation of instrument reprocessing functions and works with the facility to identify and support the implementation of improvements that have the best return on investment.


BMG is a global leader in performance excellence consulting, training and technology solutions. The companys process improvement and design methodologies include Six Sigma, Lean operations, DFSS, TRIZ and strategic planning. BMG provides performance excellence consulting to a wide array of industries, and has significant experience in healthcare.


We are pleased to be working with BMG to provide a comprehensive process improvement offering to our healthcare customers, comments Mike Duckett, vice president of operations for SterilTek, Inc. BMGs expertise in Lean Six Sigma and training methods has been a valuable tool across clinical and functional areas of hospital operations. Combine this with SterilTeks valued process improvement analytics and deep clinical understanding of the instrument reprocessing cycle, and STERIS Corporations channel to hospitals and medical centers throughout the U.S., and you have a powerhouse team that can provide a complete process improvement tool kit for healthcare systems, nationwide.


SterilTeks strong reputation for delivering solutions and their commitment to process improvement mirrors our own vision, says David Silverstein, president and CEO of Breakthrough Management Group. This agreement enhances our ability to bring a very attractive solution into specific clinical areas. SterilTek is a perfect match for BMGs objectives to support a wide array of industries by helping customers achieve their business objectives through world-class integrated solutions.


Source: STERIS Corporation