STERIS Introduces Amsco V-PRO maX Low Temperature Sterilization System


STERIS Corporation has launched the latest advance in its V-PRO line of healthcare sterilizers. The Amsco V-PRO maX Low Temperature Sterilization System offers three cycles and a number of advancements that enable healthcare providers to enhance overall processing performance, reduce inventory, save time and money, and ensure that patients consistently receive a high level of care.

We continually seek to develop features and functions that make a meaningful difference in the daily workflow of our customers, says Renee Brown, product manager for the infection prevention technologies division at STERIS. In this case, the new V-PRO maX system offers more than advanced features; it integrates them into a high-performance whole that helps users achieve benefits greater than the sum of the parts. Specifically, the V-PRO maX benefits include potential gains in loading, processing and scheduling versatility, improved workflow speed and efficiency, and precedent-setting low-temperature sterile processing productivity.

In addition to the V-PRO maX Lumen Cycle, which processes up to 20 stainless steel lumens in 55 minutes, and Non Lumen Cycle, which is validated to process daVinci®* robotic and other non-lumened devices in 28 minutes, this new sterilizer offers the Flexible Cycle, which completes in 35 minutes. This versatile cycle can process loads containing either two single or dual channel surgical flexible endoscopes/bronchoscopes, or one single/dual channel surgical flexible endoscope plus a robust non-lumened load (total load 24 pounds). Having three easy-to-use cycle options allows a department the flexibility to manage load types and workflow that synchronizes optimally with the daily procedure schedule. The unmatched versatility of these three cycles also gives departments the ability to use V-PRO maX systems to fulfill many of their low-temperature processing needs.

The V-PRO maX system provides other benefits that are also a giant leap forward for users:
- Low sensitivity to moisture minimizes aborted cycles, which saves time and money and enables reliable device turnaround.
- The 136-liter chamber enables users to process twice the number of stainless steel lumened devices per cycle than competitive units.

- The V-PRO maX system uses a 59 percent concentration of hydrogen peroxide to sterilize, compared to up to 94 percent in other systems. This lower concentration reduces the risk of device and instrument damage.
- The byproducts of the V-PRO maX process are 100% biodegradable.
- The new, larger control display is very easy to read, and new control features make it easy to navigate and use. The new streamlined design includes a pull-and-push ergonomic door that makes loading easy.

When used in accordance with its full instructions for use, the new V-PRO maX Low Temperature Sterilization System is designed to simplify department operations, reduce workload and increase efficiency. Since it offers outstanding material compatibility and sterilization power, this system can help make sterile processing departments more productive, consistent and dependable.

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