STERIS Launches Latest Innovation in Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide Technology

STERIS Corporation announces the launch of the V-PRO® 60 Low Temperature Sterilization System, its latest innovative advance for today’s challenging healthcare market. This product provides healthcare professionals with a productive and cost-effective solution for reprocessing heat- and moisture-sensitive devices.

The V-PRO 60 sterilizer has the ability to process the widest range of devices with hydrogen peroxide, enabling sterile processing professionals to be more productive. With its small footprint, the V-PRO 60 sterilizer is suited to meet the needs of both ambulatory surgery centers as well as larger healthcare facilities. Additionally, the product offers unparalleled device compatibility by utilizing 59 percent hydrogen peroxide in all sterilization cycles.

“Sterile processing professionals are consistently being asked to do more in order to be more productive," says Sarah Lazzara, senior product manager for STERIS. "The VPRO 60 sterilizer can process a wide range of sensitive devices while providing the lowest cost of ownership throughout the life of the equipment. Our Customers challenged us to provide a compact-sized sterilizer that is more productive than competitive systems, while being gentle on devices. The V-PRO 60 does just that.”

The V-PRO 60 sterilizer features three cycles for sterilization of single, dual and triple channel stainless steel devices; single and dual-channel surgical flexible endoscopes with accessories; and non-lumen devices. The plasma-free process minimizes the risk of aborted cycles while optimizing reprocessing efficiency and budget.

Lazzara adds, “The V-PRO 60 sterilizer is an outstanding advance in hydrogen peroxide reprocessing. This solution provides the most cost-effective cycle along with significant increases in productivity, enabling healthcare facilities to drive operating costs lower.”

Source: STERIS Corporation