STERIS Offers Session on High-Level Disinfection of Scopes at SGNA Annual Meeting

STERIS Corporation will offer a special keynote session titled, "Best Practices in High-level Disinfection of Endoscopes," with Dr. Douglas Webb and Laurie Fish, RN, at the 2011 SGNA Course in Indianapolis. Visiting members will also have the opportunity to learn about best practices for high-level disinfection, endoscope care and infection prevention workflow at STERIS clinical education sessions for gastroenterology practitioners.

In order to provide optimal patient care, reduce costs and prevent on-the-job health risks, GI centers must continue to improve policies and practices that can contribute to a safer work and therapeutic environment. Improvement happens as a result of awareness, education and appropriate changes based on clinical facts.

"Our customers continue to ask for science-based information that helps them develop the best possible policies and procedures to support healthcare safety," says Richard Schule, director of clinical education at STERIS. "We are as committed to providing uncompromised education with real-world value as they are to protecting their patients and staff."

In addition to consistently supporting best healthcare practices, STERIS technologies are designed to help protect patients, GI professionals and expensive endoscopic devices. Some of the most critical STERIS products that support safety in the GI suite and will be on display at Booth #501 are:

- Resert® XL HLD High Level Disinfectant, a safe alternative to aldehyde-based solutions. Resert XL HLD formulation combines the safe, highly effective attributes of oxidative chemistry with a manual or validated automatic process using your existing automated endoscope reprocessor. When used according to the instructions for use, Resert XL HLD disinfectant is safe for patients and staff, safe for devices, safe for the department, and safe for the environment.

- The Reliance EPS Endoscope Processing System, used with its Reliance DG oxidizing chemistry, offers a safe alternative to aldehydes in a validated system designed specifically for use in the GI department.

- The SYSTEM 1E Liquid Chemical Sterilant Processing System, for 23-minute turnaround of heat-sensitive critical and semi-critical devices. At SGNA, learn about the extensively treated rinse water process that removes bacteria, fungi and protozoa 0.1µm, and inactivates 99.9999% of most viruses.

- Prolystica® Enzymatic Presoak and Cleaner, a double concentrated dual enzyme formulation that offers exceptional proteolytic performance in a broad range of water qualities. Prolystica presoak and cleaner is engineered to provide enhanced removal of fatty orthopedic and protein soils and to work with manual or automated processes in endoscopy departments. This cleaners fast action and low-foaming characteristics enhance washer efficiency and rinsing, and the formulation minimizes the damaging effects of water on instrument surfaces and cleaning equipment.

Visit Booth #501 at SGNA for more information.