TeleTracking Previews New Products

TeleTracking Technologies, Inc. previewed an array of new solutions that reach beyond hospital walls and into the cloud at its recent annual client conference. Featured solutions included: a hand hygiene monitoring system; a web portal that allows community care teams to exchange information with hospital transfer/placement personnel; a link to health system-owned outpatient clinics, imaging centers and invasive ambulatory areas; cloud-based analytics and support service management solutions; and an RTLS automated discharge system.

The company revealed preliminary results of its RTLS-enabled Hand Hygiene monitoring system, which raised handwashing observations from 600 witnessed events per month to more than a million remote observations per month at New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton, U.K. TeleTracking's healthcare operations platform fights the spread of hospital-acquired infection by tracking patients, physicians, hospital employees, medical devices, hardware, and automating hand washing compliance and other infection alert processes to minimize disease exposure.

TeleTracking's Community Access Portal™ application allows hospital transfer centers to communicate online with primary care physicians, nursing homes and specialty physicians in their service areas. It also allows outside physicians to make admit and bed requests for their patients, thus reducing wait times. In the future, it will allow referring physicians to track treatment milestones for those patients.

New configurations in TeleTracking's Orchestrate™ application will allow external and ancillary treatment centers and clinics to improve throughput, real-time visibility and the patient experience, while sharing milestones with central logistics centers.

A new business analytics solution places historic and current operational performance data on a single dashboard which is accessible to authorized users from any location via the cloud. This provides instant analysis snapshots of performance metrics used to measure improvement. 

TeleTracking has also updated its ServiceTracking® application to a cloud-based, centralized request and tracking system for a broad array of common functions, like facilities and materials management. The new version offers auto-dispatching based on proximity, skill set and employee workload and allows real-time changes in task requests with minimal human interaction. It also generates jobs under pre-determined preventative maintenance schedules and even locates equipment for institutions using TeleTracking's RTLS technology. Its workflow engine and dispatching logic will eventually underpin TeleTracking's automated operations management platform, supporting many new capabilities over time.

Source: TeleTracking Technologies, Inc.