Tests Prove Washer-Disinfector System Safely Disinfects Delicate Intraocular Surgical Instruments

In order to comply with AAMI ST79, Annex N, hospital central services staff must clean and disinfect surgical instruments used in ophthalmic procedures separately from other instruments. The precaution is intended to reduce Toxic Anterior Segment Syndrome (TASS) and other complications of eye surgeries that result when a foreign agent, infectious or noninfectious, enters the anterior chamber of the patient’s eye. The difficulty occurs when soils, biofilms, and detergent residue are trapped in the narrow channels and openings common to intraocular instruments. Thorough washing is often performed by hand. Although manual washing is time consuming and inexact, most automated systems generate high spray pressures that can damage the delicate and expensive equipment. However, there is an automated washer-disinfector system designed especially for intraocular surgical instruments that offers hospitals a suitable alternative.

According to tests performed by SMP, an independent testing laboratory, the Ophthalmic System by Miele Professional, successfully disinfected soiled ophthalmic instruments to quality levels specified by the FDA. Combining the Miele Professional G 7899 washer-disinfector with specialized accessories and cleaning agents, the system achieved a six-log reduction of Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, Escheria coli and Klebsiella pneumonia. Eradication of these organisms in phaco handpieces and other intraocular instruments meet the FDA criteria specified in “Class II Special Controls Guidance Document Medical Washers and Medical Washers-Disinfectors.”

In addition to achieving intermediate level disinfection during all test runs, tests also demonstrated that the Miele Ophthalmic System was effective in cleaning instruments on which the tests soils were allowed to dry.

“Today, hospital infection control practices are under intense scrutiny,” says Ken Austin, a director with the Professional Division at Miele Inc. “With these test results, we show that our system consistently delivers high performance cleaning by safely and effectively replacing tedious manual cleaning processes for delicate microsurgical instruments. Automated cleaning also provides a far more repeatable process by accurately controlling time, temperature, dispensing and mechanical cleaning action."

The Miele Professional Ophthalmic System features the G 7899 washer-disinfector equipped with the E429/1 mobile injector basket and preloaded programs for ophthalmic instruments. Low spray pressure and high flow water throughput are directed through 36 injectors to gently wash and rinse delicate instruments. Customizable silicone adapters in mesh trays safely secure Phaco handpieces, irrigation and aspiration handles and cannulas. The system also includes a variety of LuerLock connectors, adapters, and cleaning agents developed especially for intraocular surgical instruments. Miele includes installation of the washer with verification documentation and a full two-year warranty on all parts and labor. Customer call center support is free-of-charge and Miele Service continually updates the inventory of replacement parts.

Source: Miele Professional