Theraworx Restores Quality of Life to Young Woman with Neurogenic Bladder

Beth was born with a lipomeningomyelocele at spinal level L5/S1, leaving her with a neurogenic bowel and bladder.  At age 10, a neobladder was fashioned for Beth from her cecum. While the new bladder served to collect urine, it left her with chronic bacterial colononization. In addition, the necessity to catheterize herself numerous times each day placed her at high risk for catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTIs). 

Over the years, Beth tried numerous approaches to manage chronic CAUTI. None of the treatments -- cranberry juice and cranberry pills, Gentamycin flushes directly into the bladder, prophylactic antibiotics, using a new catheter each time, even surgery to bypass the urethra and permit suprapubic catherization – solved the problem. Beth battled constant UTIs for 16 years. 

Beth’s battle with CAUTI interfered with a normal academic and social life. She frequently missed school and experienced prolonged hospitalizations. Over the years Beth traveled to some of the most prestigious urologists and medical centers in the country, though none of her efforts made a significant difference until recently when Beth was introduced to Theraworx with Silver First Protocol. 

Theraworx is a breakthrough technology for CAUTI prevention supported by five years of trials and whitepapers. This cutting-edge technology preserves the skin’s natural barrier properties, restores moisture, and balances pH which inhibits the invasion of pathogens. Beth creates a barrier in the morning by cleaning her perineum with Theraworx wipes, and uses the foam throughout the day. She uses the spray on the catheter itself before insertion.

At 26, Beth now has her CAUTI under control. Her quality of life is markedly improved, and she is back in school, majoring in biology, and also has a part-time job.

Source: Theraworx