The Toilet of the Future: Next Generation Bidet Takes Off in U.S. Markets

CHICAGO, IL -- Long a European and Japanese tradition, the bathroom bidet has taken off in American markets with a uniquely high-tech product called the Solution ComfortSeat.

The Solution ComfortSeat, distributed by Great Ideas, is a toilet seat attachment that has been described as a technological wonder because it features an easy-to-use control that allows users to clean themselves with a stream of hygienic water, and then subsequently dry themselves with a stream of warm air.

"The Solution ComfortSeat revolutionizes bathroom hygiene by taking the traditional bidet and making it a Super Toilet," says Great Ideas president Scott Rubin. "Traditionally, a homeowner would have to have separate plumbing to have a bidet in their home but with the Solution ComfortSeat, you can have your bidet and your toilet in one device."

Other high-tech features of the ComfortSeat include adjustable water temperature, adjustable water pressure, adjustable heated seat and sweeping motion of water spray.

Besides the technological advances demonstrated in the Solution ComfortSeat, Americans are also buying the product because of the money they save by not having to buy toilet paper every week. "I've always been sensitive about the environment," said Chicago resident Kurt Karchmer. "I recycle, I conserve electricity in my home and with the ComfortSeat, I never have to use toilet paper again." Industry experts estimate the average American family spends $653 a year on toilet paper.

The Solution ComfortSeat affixes directly to a standard toilet in minutes. Models are priced to fit any budget, from the affordable Portable Solution Bidet ($129.95) to the state-of-the-art Bio Ultimate Wash Bidet ($799.95). In many cases, some or all the costs of the units are covered by the patient's health-care provider.

All Solution ComfortSeats come with a 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee and feature the best warranties in the industry.

The Comfort Seat helps the physically challenged build self-esteem. Not only does the ComfortSeat provide the physically challenged user with superior personal hygiene, but it offers important emotional benefits as well. According to Ronald G. Rubin, MD, PASARR examiner and chief of psychiatry for Geriatric Behavioral Healthcare Group, "Patients who have used the Solution ComfortSeat are extremely encouraged by its results. Many of our patients who are unable to wipe themselves must rely on caregivers to assist them. The ComfortSeat not only eliminates this embarrassment, it builds the patient's self-esteem."

The ComfortSeat can reduce bathroom injuries. Two-thirds of injuries occurring in nursing facilities occur in the bathroom. Both patients and caregivers alike suffer a wide range of injuries from falls onto the bathroom's hard porcelain and tile surfaces.

The ComfortSeat can also reduce the spread of disease. By enabling patients to easily and effectively clean their intimate areas, the ComfortSeat is also able to reduce the spread of disease from contact with the stool-borne bacterium, Enterococcus.