Turnkey Manual Pre-Cleaning Station Improves Medical Device Processing Efficiency and Efficacy

Pure Processing LLC announces the introduction of the Pure Station medical devices pre-cleaning system, a portable soaking and irrigating sink system for pre-cleaning surgical instruments and other medical devices.

Fitting neatly inside an existing processing sink or on a countertop, the turnkey Pure Station pre-cleaning system features an integrated irrigating pump that enables the sterile processing technician to easily flush and clear debris from medical devices.

Created to combat the inherent inefficiencies of manual cleaning, a critical first step in medical device sterile processing, the Pure Station pre-cleaning system brings together highly intuitive features that help reduce technician processing errors, time and cost. Based on preliminary studies conducted by Pure Processing, the Pure Station system affords as much as a 79 percent improvement in irrigation effectiveness over the use of a syringe on minimally invasive surgical devices, and as much as a 90 percent reduction in labor to flush those devices.

These dramatic improvements can be attributed primarily to the Pure Station pre-cleaning systems unique fluid-flushing pump which, at the push of a button, creates a pulsating flow of cleaning solution that clears debris and material clogs from medical devices. The pump eliminates the need for technicians to manually and repetitively push large amounts of water through cannulated devices using a syringe critical steps that may not always be performed optimally due to time constraints, but which are essential for adequate cleaning and infection prevention.
One of the most valuable benefits of the Pure Station system is the quality and consistency it can bring to the pre-cleaning process. The CDC has noted that failure to perform good cleaning can result in sterilization or disinfection failure, and outbreaks or infection can occur.1 As a manual cleaning accessory, the Pure Station system is designed to help technicians more thoroughly clean medical devices while simultaneously reducing the required time and effort to do so.

Additionally, the Pure Station system helps lower other costs associated with medical device pre-cleaning. The systems built-in features can help technicians properly dilute and reduce the waste of costly chemicals, as well as stop small and often expensive medical device components from being washed down the drain. The Pure Station system also promotes better ergonomics for technicians by effectively raising the working surface level of deep sinks to a more comfortable height. This helps reduce the degree of back strain that many technicians experience.

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