US Endoscopy Announces Full Market Release of the VIA Bedside Pre-Cleaning Kit

US Endoscopy announces the release of the VIA™ bedside pre-cleaning kit. The new VIA™ kit includes the recommended supplies needed to pre-clean an endoscope immediately following a procedure.

The Society of Gastroenterology Nurses & Associates (SGNA) states that bedside pre-cleaning is a critical first step in proper endoscope reprocessing. The VIA™ bedside pre-cleaning kit includes a basin and a high-quality enzymatic sponge. This single-use kit helps to minimize cross-contamination and protect staff, patients and equipment.

“As a trusted resource for Infection Control products, our goal is to continue to provide solutions that offer peace of mind to our customers,” says Tony Siracusa, vice president and general manager of US Endoscopy. “The VIA™ kit complements and further expands our care and cleaning portfolio as an option that offers enhanced patient care and standardization with infection control guidelines.”

Source: US Endoscopy