US Endoscopy Announces Full Market Release of BioGuard Air/Water and Suction Valves

US Endoscopy, a leader in endoscopy device design and manufacturing, announces the release of the BioGuard® air/water and suction valves. The new BioGuard® valves are designed to be attached to an Olympus® GI endoscope to control the air/water and suction functions. 

The BioGuard® air/water and suction valves are single-use, offering an alternative option to manual reprocessing and minimizing cross-contamination risks between patients. One set of valves is used per procedure, and then discarded – providing consistent performance as well as prevention of tracking errors in the event of an infection outbreak.  

“Listening to the needs of our Customers and delivering new product solutions that improve patient care is our focus,” says Tony Siracusa, vice president and general manager of US Endoscopy. “The BioGuard® air/water and suction valves are another example of how we are addressing requests to broaden our care and cleaning portfolio, as well as offering additional options to support infection control efforts.”

Source: US Endoscopy