US Endoscopy Announces Full Market Release of the DuoSwift Combination Squeegee Brush

US Endoscopy announces the full market release of the DuoSwift™ combination squeegee brush. The new DuoSwift™ brush combines the benefits of a bristled brush and squeegee into one device and is designed to effectively remove debris from flexible endoscopes.

The single-use DuoSwift™ combination squeegee brush features a tapered nylon brush on the leading end and a series of squeegees on the trailing end to help loosen bioburden and pull remaining residue through the endoscope channel. The innovative design allows the flexible squeegees to conform in a wide range of channels, while the bristled brush maximizes cleaning touches throughout the endoscope.

“Proper endoscope cleaning continues to be a primary concern for our customers and they are looking for solutions that help make the cleaning process more effective,” says Tony Siracusa, vice president and general manager of US Endoscopy. “In understanding the importance of a bristled brush and the uniqueness of a squeegee, we have designed the only combination squeegee brush on the market today. The DuoSwift™ brush is an all-in-one solution, giving our Customers the ability to maximize their cleaning efforts with one device.”  

Source: US Endoscopy