US Endoscopy Announces Release of AquaShield Water Bottle System for CO2 Users

US Endoscopy, a subsidiary of STERIS Corporation, announces the release of the AquaShield water bottle system for CO2 delivery systems. This new line item joins the existing disposable AquaShield system product family which is used in conjunction with the endoscopes air/water function to clean the lens.

The AquaShield system continues to be a convenient alternative to reusable water bottle systems, says Gulam Khan, US Endoscopy president. The new CO2 system accommodates our customers using CO2 insufflation and offers the same benefits of reducing the risk of contamination with a disposable option. 

The Society of Gastroenterology Nurses and Associates (SGNA) recently issued a position statement clarifying the reprocessing of water bottles used during endoscopy. If water bottles are not reprocessed appropriately they carry a risk for cross contamination. The disposable AquaShield water bottle system is a 24-hour use system that saves time associated with reprocessing and promotes patient safety.

Source: US Endoscopy