Vanguard Medical Concepts CEO Appoints New Member to Clinical Team

LAKELAND, Fla. -- Charles A. Masek, chief executive officer of Vanguard Medical Concepts Inc., announced the appointment of Nancy Hesselbach to Vanguard's Clinical Nurse Implementation Team.


 In her role as a clinical implementation specialist, Hesselbach will be responsible for working with customers on a clinical level, educating clinicians and physicians about reprocessing and implementing Vanguard's medical device reprocessing program at hospitals.


Hesselbach has 31 years of nursing management experience in orthopedics and surgical services. She co-founded the National Association of Orthopaedic Nurses Inc., a professional nursing association with more than 10,000 members. Hesselbach received her nursing diploma from Missouri Baptist School of Nursing in St. Louis, her bachelor of science degree in nursing from St. Louis University, and her master's degree in health service management from Webster University in St. Louis.


 "We're pleased to welcome Nancy to Vanguard Medical Concepts," Masek said. "With her background in nursing and nursing management, Nancy's contributions will strengthen our service to our hospital customers."


Members of the Clinical Nurse Implementation Team, all of whom are experienced former perioperative nurses, speak the language of hospital clinicians and share their concern for quality patient care. They also know that medical devices are a hospital's costliest recurring expense and that medical device reprocessing can help a medical facility better utilize its limited health care dollars without compromising standard of care or patient outcomes. 


Vanguard Medical Concepts Inc. is the nation's largest medical device reprocessor, serving more than 1,000 healthcare facilities nationwide. Since 1991, Vanguard has reprocessed more than 14 million devices.


Source: Vanguard Medical Concepts Inc.