VHA Nurses Poll: `We'll Stay Through Shortage'

IRVING, Texas - At a recent national healthcare conference, officials from VHA Inc. polled nurses on the work force shortage.

Some 54 percent said the shortage has become more severe in the last three months, although 62 percent of nurse executives and managers say they will remain in healthcare for the next ten years.

The healthcare leaders were polled at the 2002 VHA Leadership Conference.

"It is encouraging that so many nurse executives and managers are committed to the profession, as they have an important role in mentoring the next generation of nurses who are delivering care," says Lillee Gelinas, RN, MSN, vice president and chief nursing officer at VHA Inc.

Additionally, 35 percent of nurse executives and managers polled said hospitals need to increase compensation and lower nurse/patient ratios.

VHA is a national network of 2,200 community-owned health organizations.