Web Site Aimed at Helping Hospital, Surgeon Selection

KENOSHA, Wash-Patients looking for hospitals and surgeons are often frustrated with the lack of information available to help them make their decision. PatientWise Corporation wants to change this situation by giving patients comparative information about hospitals and surgeons via telephone or e-mail.

The Wisconsin-based company will feature information on the experience, performance record, and costs of hospitals and physician scores. Physicians' qualifications, experience, complication rates, and mortality rates will also be available.

With the help of their physician, patients provide information on their surgery needs and medical conditions on www.patientwise.net. Patients receive responses from hospitals in the geographic area of their choice. They can also compare costs proposals form the hospitals and physicians.

Patients can schedule a visit with the surgeon and can arrange care from the selected hospital on the Web site. Health insurance benefits remain in effect and the majority of the service's cost is paid by providers or employers who sponsor their employees and dependents.

For more information, visit www.patientwise.net