Weekly Rounds: 5 Steps How APIC Educates IPs, Battling Candida auris and C Difficile

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Here are 5 highlights from ICT®’s wide-ranging coverage of the infection prevention and control world. Everything from interviews with known opinion leaders, to the news that infection preventionists and other health care professionals can use on their jobs.

5 Steps APIC Makes to Educate Infection Preventionists

The strength of The Association for Professionals and Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC) are the volunteer members and the critical work they perform to assist both novice and veteran IPs.

Is Dry Heating or UV Disinfection Safe and Effective for Reusing N95 Respirators?

Certain disinfecting cycles can be used to extend the frequency and use of single-use respirators, but how do they affect the respirator filtration efficiency?

Selecting the Best Disinfectant/Application Method: Keeping C difficile and C auris at Bay

A recent study by NYU Langone investigators determined that disinfecting high-touch surfaces within patient rooms with NaDCC via wipes and electrostatic sprayers yielded lower mean bacteria colony counts.

Battling Candida auris in a South Carolina VA Facility

Two patients were found with C auris in the CVAHCS beginning in October 2020, and a recent study describes how the facility handled the situation.

How APIC Guides Novice and Veteran IPs to a Fulfilling Career

The 50-year-old Association for Professionals and Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC) gives many tools to aid infection preventionists at any stage of their career with education, networking, and an annual conference.