Weekly Rounds with Infection Control Today: Boosters Messaging Muddle, School Ventilation, Smallpox Scare

Take 5 minutes to catch up on Infection Control Today’s highlights for the week ending November 19.

Here are 5 highlights from ICT®’s wide-ranging coverage of the infection prevention and control world. Everything from interviews with known opinion leaders, to the news that infection preventionists and other health care professionals can use on their jobs.

Confused Messaging About Boosters Might Cause 5th Wave of COVID

There is growing evidence that fully vaccinated should be defined as having 3 doses of an mRNA vaccine.

Ventilation: What Schools Can Learn from Hospitals

As part of infection prevention against COVID-19, schools spent millions of federal dollars trying to upgrade ventilation systems. That money has been ill-spent, warn some experts.

Approval of COVID-19 Boosters for All Adults Inches Closer to Reality

The CDC is expected to approve the move today. But some experts question: Does it go far enough? Shouldn’t everybody get a booster?

ATP Disinfection Can Be Improved for Real-World Application

One of many presentations at the ISSA Show North America 2021 this week seeks to light an entrepreneurial fire under an old concept.

Smallpox Scare Offers Lessons About COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake

If smallpox reemerges, it could be devastating with its 30% fatality rate and an ability to spread comparable to the Delta variant of COVID-19.