When's the Best Time for an ICP to Make Rounds?

Q: We are having a discussion here at the UniversityHospital and I was wanting your opinion. When is the best time for the infection control practitioner to do infection control rounds?  Should it be at the beginning of the day before the first surgery begins?   Should it be at the end of the day cleaning (meaning all ORs are terminally cleaned) or in the middle of the day, while surgery is going on? I would appreciate your response very much. -- Michael E Fredrick, Florida

 A: I don't think it matters when the ICP makes rounds as long as they are done routinely. In fact, it may be more beneficial to conduct rounds at different times of day or different shifts to observe different things like set-up for the first case or end of the day cleaning.  Even observing during surgery is indicated at times to watch for breaks in technique, number of persons entering and leaving the OR, movement of OR staff around the sterile field, etc. The point is for the ICP to be "visible" in all of the facility, including the OR, as a resource to the staff, team members, and as the "facility conscience."