Wireless Keyboard Has Integrated Touchpad, Washable Design

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Econo-Keys, a major manufacturer of medical-grade peripherals, will launch the EKW-105 washable wireless keyboard at the Greater New York Dental Meeting, held Nov. 28 to Dec. 1 in New York City.


Ideal for dental and medical professionals, the EKW-105 is a completely sealed and disinfectable keyboard with the added benefits of RF wireless connectivity and an integrated touchpad. The keyboard has a 30-foot wireless range, and an expected battery life of six weeks.


Many of our healthcare customers now prefer wireless because they want to use the keyboard chairside, or simply do not want the hassle of tangled cords at the workstation, says Kacee Pals, Econo-Keys sales manager.  We are very excited to combine this convenient option with the hygienic benefits of a sealed, washable keyboard.



Recent studies show that hospital-acquired infections are a serious problem in the United States, costing hospitals an estimated $8.1 billion annually, and attributing to 48,000 preventable deaths. In order to curb this alarming trend, much focus has been placed on infection control, especially in common areas and high-touch objects.


Keyboards are especially prone to contamination because bacteria can survive on them for quite some time, and they are usually shared by multiple personnel throughout the day, Pals adds. Traditional keyboards have so many hiding spots for germs, especially under the keys, that make them virtually impossible to thoroughly disinfect.


The EKW-105 has sealed, low-profile keys that do not contain cracks or crevices to harbor dangerous bacteria, unlike a standard desktop keyboard. In addition, the waterproof case can be easily and routinely disinfected by submersion, or by spraying with any hospital-grade disinfectant.


Another convenient feature of the EKW-105 is its space-saving resistive touchpad.


Integrated touchpads are an incredibly popular feature, Pals says. Without an external mouse, customers are able to free up counter space and reduce their cleaning time.


The EKW-105 operates on two AAA batteries and USB dongle (included). The plug-and-play device requires no additional software or drivers.


The keyboard is available in both white and black models, retails for $196, and may be purchased online at for a 10 percent discount.