Year in Review: Sterile Processing

In case you missed any of this content, ICT presents the 2018 Year in Review for sterile processing.


Behind the Curtain of Sharps Injury Prevention and Device Reprocessing

Device-Related Infections: Patient-Ready Bronchoscopes Found to be Contaminated Despite Cleaning and Disinfection

Moving Away From Manual Reprocessing of Endoscopes

Cleanliness and Sterility Assurance in Central Sterile and the Operating Room

IPs Meet the SPD: Why You Should Partner to Reduce Risk

The Challenges Associated with Loaner Instrumentation

New Standard Helping SPDs Implement Quality Management Systems

Sterile Processing: Where We are Now and What Lies Ahead

News & Studies:

Survey Reveals Worldwide Practices on Flexible Endoscope Reprocessing

FDA Issues Statement on Rates of Duodenoscope Contamination From Preliminary Postmarket Data

Infection Rates After Colonoscopy, Endoscopy at ASCs are Far Higher Than Expected

FDA Warns Duodenoscope Manufacturers About Failure to Comply With Postmarket Surveillance Studies to Assess Contamination