Year in Review: Vaccines & Vaccination

In case you missed any of this content, ICT presents the 2018 Year in Review for vaccines and vaccination.

New Recommendations for Economic Analysis of Vaccination Programs

During a Flu Epidemic, Dispensing Flu Vaccines at Pharmacies Could Save Lives and Costs

Survey Shows Widespread Skepticism of Flu Shot

Experts Develop Guide for Getting More LTC Residents Immunized

Experts Highlight Ebola Vaccine Progress and Suggest Next Steps

Study: Most Hospitals Now Require Workers to Get Flu Shots, Except Those That Treat Veterans

AOHP Releases Position Statement on Best Practices for Healthcare Worker Immunization

NIH Scientists Say Advanced Vaccines Could Limit Future Outbreaks

Study Finds Mandatory Flu Vaccines for Healthcare Workers Reduce Absenteeism

NIAID Unveils Strategic Plan for Developing a Universal Influenza Vaccine

Nursing Homes Should Require Flu Shots for All Staff and Patients, Poll Indicates

Belief in Conspiracy Theories Associated With Vaccine Skepticism