Infection Control Today, December 2020 (Vol. 24 No. 10)

Creating Guidelines for Hospital Donations During the COVID-19 Pandemic

November 12, 2020

If you are an infection preventionist and are not currently involved in product review, now may be a great time to reach out to your supply chain team to explain the perspective you can bring to the table and ask to be involved.

Why Water Vapor in Hospitals Matters

October 22, 2020

Where can we find data on whether or not water vapor is necessary for humans residing in buildings? One great place for such research is the hospital. There is a tremendous amount of data that is collected from one type of hospital building occupant—the patient.

Infection Preventionist Leads Flu Vaccination Effort

October 12, 2020

Christopher Blank, CIC, MPH, an infection preventionist with BJC Healthcare, sits down with Infection Control Today® to discuss the benefits of making employment for healthcare workers contingent on getting the flu vaccination.