Infection Control Today, July/August 2021 (Vol. 25 No. 6)

Calling All (Retired) Infection Preventionists: You’re Needed

June 28, 2021

The infection prevention department at Ascension Texas managed to shore up IP ranks by calling a couple of IPs out of retirement and asking another if she would postpone her retirement during a COVID-19 surge.

Let Airflow Show Pathogens the Door (or Window or Vent)

June 18, 2021

An integrated air management system requires proper engineering and not a pile-up approach of unproven products. One concern is that decision makers will fall into the nearsighted trap of selecting piecemeal products that require frequent maintenance.

College Guidance Counseling: Get the COVID-19 Vaccine

June 15, 2021

One junior at New Jersey’s Rutgers University, the first to mandate COVID-19 vaccination, said, “I’m not antivax, I’m anti-mandate. My education should not be restricted based on my personal decision to receive the COVID-19 vaccination.”

CDC’s Flu Czar Says She’s Ready for the Fall Offensive

June 04, 2021

The CDC’s Lynnette Brammer: “We always had talked about being prepared for an influenza pandemic. And being able to scale up our systems. Well, COVID scaled up our systems way more than we ever dreamed about scaling up for.”