Infection Control Today, July/August 2020 (Vol. 24 No. 06)

Bug of the Month: You Don't Want Me Visiting During Your Hospital Stay

July 24, 2020

Before 2000, I was uncommon in the United States. I’ve become much more common since, and though health experts don’t know just how many people I infect each year, they can say with certainty that I am a major cause of infections in healthcare settings.

IPs Must Ensure the Supply of PPE for COVID-19’s Second Wave

July 24, 2020

Supply chain issues are a larger, more systemic aspect of healthcare and national preparedness. Although IPs may not be able to fix them individually, there are ways we can ensure the safety of our hospitals.

Navigating the New Normal in Infection Prevention

July 23, 2020

It will also be necessary to again train other professionals the way IPs have historically trained them about infection prevention, because a lot of the old rules had to be set aside when COVID-19 surged.

National Reporting System for All Dangerous Pathogens Needed

July 20, 2020

After decades of reluctance to implement a national reporting system, when COVID-19 came along we witnessed almost overnight the formulation of case definitions and comprehensive national reporting from all healthcare facilities.