AirInSpace Appoints Thierry Peillon as Vice President of International Healthcare Business

WASHINGTON & PARIS -- AirInSpace, a supplier of mobile devices with HEPA-MD™ technology that are designed to “catch and inactivate” harmful and resistant biological particles from the air, announced today that Thierry Peillon has been appointed as vice president of international healthcare business, effective immediately.

Reporting to AirInSpace CEO Laurent Fullana, Peillon’s primary responsibility will be to grow the company’s healthcare business internationally by expanding its distribution network, establishing industrial partnerships, identifying new applications and expanding the product portfolio.

“Thierry Peillon has extensive experience in the medical device industry,” says Fullana. “Previously, he was country sales director for the diabetes division of Medtronic, during which he successfully introduced the first insulin pump and continuous glucose-monitoring system, a state-of-the-art system that helps patient to take immediate corrective or preventive action to keep his glucose level healthy and prevent diabetes-related complications. Under Thierry’s leadership, this system has been quickly adopted by a very significant number of physicians and hospitals.”

Prior to Medtronic, Peillon was European business manager at 3M Healthcare, developing its microbiology unit by reorganizing and implementing an extensive direct and indirect distribution organization to serve more than 20 countries. He also has held sales and marketing management positions at Kodak in its medical imaging equipment business. Peillon is a graduate of Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Toulouse and holds a degree in chemical engineering from Toulouse University.

AirInSpace’s flagship product is an FDA-cleared mobile air-decontamination unit called PlasmairT2006 by AirInSpace. Its performance has been clinically proven to lower airborne biological loads and is now being used to combat nosocomial infection in high- risk areas of more than 100 hospitals and clinics, including hematology/oncology units and ICUs. Developed initially for use in Russia’s MIR space station, the AirInSpace technology is in routine use today on the International Space Station (ISS).

Source: AirInSpace