Alliance Medical Corporation Acquires Paragon Healthcare Corp.

PHOENIX, Ariz.-Alliance Medical Corporation has announced its acquisition of Paragon Healthcare Corporation. Officials from the medical device reprocessing company say it is excited to add Paragon to its corporate holdings.

Paragon, incorporated in 1996, has led the EP catheter reprocessing market. Bill Stover, II, chairman and CEO of paragon say Alliance approached the company with a plan.

"The combination of our companies allows us to take full advantage of an exploding market for medical device reprocessing service," he says.

Alliance's CEO Rick Ferreira says the acquisition comes after a long-term admiration for the Paragon Corporation.

"They've done a remarkable job of building a strong company with an enviable record of clinical excellence and superior customer relations," he says. "We're delighted that we have a chance to combine the strengths of both companies at such an auspicious time."

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