American Immuno Tech Sells Technology

Stryker Instruments Reaps the Benefit

ORANGE COUNTY, CA-American Immuno Tech (AIT) recently sold the technology of the Neptune Waste Management System to the Stryker Instruments Division of Stryker Corp. The Neptune System collects hazardous liquid waste (blood and body fluids) through the use of a mobile "Rover" unit placed close to the operating table during surgery. The Rover collects waste and provides treatment through the "Docking Station" without exposure to healthcare employees. Stryker will assume the marketing and distribution functions while AIT continues the research and development responsibilities. Stryker plans to market Neptune in the summer of 2000.

AIT intends to use sale proceeds to complete research on a device created to treat septicemia, a bloodborne infection often treated with antibiotics. The device, called HemaCharge+, will filter blood outside the patient's body. AIT hopes to begin clinical trials of HemaCharge+ in 2001.