Americans Can Monitor U.S. Flu Rates on the First-Ever Desktop Flu Tracker

NUTLEY, N.J. -- Roche announced the launch of its new Desktop Flu Tracker, which allows users to conveniently and accurately track the appearance and spread of flu in any community in the continental United States. A valuable tool for consumers, medical professionals, caregivers and public health officials, Flu Tracker allows people to monitor flu incidence in their area, an important step in influenza preparedness.

Developed with AdTools Inc., the unique software application provides up- to-date information about local and national flu levels 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Flu Tracker also alerts the user when there is an increased risk in the area, and links directly to expert information on prevention and treatment.

The Desktop Flu Tracker utilizes information from FluSTAR(TM) (System for Tracking And Reporting Flu), a comprehensive surveillance system that provides reliable reporting of flu activity nationwide, and is updated twice weekly. The Desktop Flu Tracker can be downloaded at or by clicking here:

"With this season's vaccine shortage, Americans are increasingly concerned about protecting themselves and their families from the flu," said Dominick Iacuzio, PhD, Medical Director, Roche, which markets Tamiflu, a prescription antiviral for influenza. "Flu Tracker offers consumers and healthcare providers alike an opportunity to identify flu outbreaks in their area, making it more likely that patients will recognize their symptoms and seek early treatment from a healthcare professional."

The Desktop Flu Tracker can be programmed to cover three geographic locations, offering the ability to monitor for family and friends in other areas. The software includes an animated character, which delivers alerts and demonstrates the differences between cold and flu, so that users may better understand their symptoms.

"FluTracker is designed to not only help individuals track flu, but also to provide immediate access to expert information," added Dr. Iacuzio. "It gives an opportunity to take extra precautions against infection, such as visiting a doctor or taking an antiviral medication, which needs to happen within the first 48 hours of symptom onset to be effective."

Unlike many desktop programs, the Flu Tracker is not bundled with any additional programs and does not send personal information from the user's desktop to any other computer.

Source: Roche