Ansell Introduces Powder-free and Latex-free Exam Glove with Superior Fit and Feel


RED BANK, N.J. -- Ansell Professional Healthcare introduces the

Micro-Touch Affinity, powder-free and latex-free exam gloves that provide

the protection, tactile sensitivity and comfort of latex gloves without the

risk associated with latex allergies.

Developed from polychloroprene, the Micro-Touch Affinity gloves have superior fit and feel compared to nitrile gloves. They also have a distinct advantage over traditional vinyl gloves in providing optimum barrier protection for medical, dental, and alternate care


Micro-Touch Affinity gloves have excellent tactile sensitivity that allows

healthcare professionals to have better control of their instruments.

Complementing the tactile sensitivity is the gloves' textured surface and

surgi-grip. In addition, Micro-Touch Affinity gloves have a low modulus that

creates a new level of comfort for users required to wear gloves for

extended periods.

The high performance of Micro-Touch Affinity gloves is partly due to the

polychloroprene material used to manufacture the gloves. Polychloroprene has

shown to be as elastic as latex and exhibits 25 percent more elasticity than

nitrile in elongation studies. Polychloroprene also outperforms nitrile in

chemical permeation tests that utilize common alcohols. Micro-Touch Affinity

gloves successfully met the requirements of ASTM International's F1671

Standard Test Method for Resistance of Materials Used in Protective


The Micro-Touch Affinity gloves come in a 100-count package/dispenser that

matches its recent redesign of the entire Micro-Touch line. The new

package/dispenser is more aesthetically pleasing as well as easier to


Ansell Ltd. is a global leader in healthcare barrier protective products.

Source: Ansell

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