Ansell Launches New Allergy Awareness Campaign

With 1 in 3 nurses suffering from hand dermatitis, Ansell has launched a new allergy campaign to spread the word among health practitioners about allergies in the workplace, specifically Type IV chemical allergies. The new campaign is designed to both educate and entertain by voicing the Type IV allergy story though a beloved genre sure to resonate with all audiences -- the fairy tale.

A whimsical and interactive microsite, online banners and magazine ads give healthcare practitioners the opportunity to learn how to recognize and avoid the painful effects of Type IV allergies in an engaging format. Those who participate in the contest on the microsite have the opportunity to create their own fairy tale ending and possibly win a $1,000 Disney gift card, which can be used for a magical Disney adventure. The promotion runs from Sept. 27, 2012 through March 8, 2013 at See full official rules for the promotion at

Allergic reactions can be debilitating causing occupational, physical, and even emotional issues, says Bob Gaither, senior vice president and regional director at Ansell, North America. We wanted to tell the allergy story in a way that engages, entertains and rewards the audience to help them better process this important information and increase the likelihood that they will share it with their peers who might otherwise not understand the source of their pain, said Gaither. By facilitating an ongoing conversation around Type IV allergies in the healthcare industry, we hope to promote education and knowledge to help put an end to the suffering. The Disney prize is another way to show our immense appreciation for all that these tireless healthcare practitioners do.

Source: Ansell Limited