Antibody Shows Positive Results in Hep C Trial

REHOVOT, Israel-Officials from XTL Biopharmaceuticals are reporting positive results of the first monoclonal antibody to treat hepatitis C (HCV).

XTL-002, the company's monoclonal antibody, has been tested in Phase 1a studies and has reportedly reduced HCV and RNA levels in more than half the patients treated with one dose.

There were no serious adverse effects reported of the intravenous infusions. XTL-002 is a human high-affinity monoclonal antibody.

Hepatitis C is a viral bloodborne disease that attacks the liver and can cause jaundice, fatigue, pain, and vomiting. It can lead to liver damage and cancer. There are an estimated 4 million Americans who have the virus.

XLT Biopharmaceuticals is working on a group of therapies designed to fight a variety of chronic viral infections, drug-resistant bacteria, and systemic fungal infections.