AQS Pioneers the Nation's Only MVOC Database for Mold Detection

ATLANTA -- Air Quality Sciences, Inc. (AQS) maintains the nation's only database of microbial volatile organic compounds (MVOCs). The database contains more than 5,000 specific MVOCs identified and measured in moldy buildings and laboratory studies. Experienced building investigators can rely on detection of these MVOCs to confirm mold growth and verify building acceptability following remediation. Since the MVOC analysis is chemical, results can be obtained quickly and with extreme sensitivity. This offers a significant advantage over culture analysis that can take weeks to complete.

The presence of MVOCs in air samples taken from a building with suspected mold contamination can indicate moisture problems and the presence of atypical mold growth. Fungi and bacteria produce MVOCs as a byproduct of their metabolism, and many of these MVOCs cause the characteristic musty odor of moldy environments. Research has also shown that MVOCs may have negative health effects, particularly in residential environments.

AQS' database of MVOCs enables building investigators to detect the presence of atypical mold growth hidden behind building walls without using destructive sampling methods. When MVOCs unique to specific species of fungi are found in an air sample, mold growth is indicated. Building investigators can then determine the source of certain building odors and make the appropriate remediation specifications. The results of MVOC analysis can also indicate whether the mold contamination is significant and should be further analyzed through more extensive bioaerosol sampling and analysis.

AQS' chemical laboratory is the only commercial laboratory in the United States providing extensive analysis of MVOCs. Air Quality Sciences is a fully integrated indoor air quality company that provides solutions to create healthy indoor environments and avoid potentially dangerous indoor pollution. With a proven 15-year track record of solving complex indoor air quality issues, AQS is the industry leader in product emissions testing, chemical and microbial laboratory services, building studies of indoor pollution and development of corrective strategies. As the only indoor air-quality consulting firm with internal labs accredited by both ISO 9002 and AIHA EMLAP, AQS provides comprehensive IAQ solutions.

Source: Air Quality Sciences, Inc.