B. Braun Announces Three New Online Courses Focusing on Safety, Infection Control, and Patient Care

BETHLEHEM, Pa. -- B. Braun Medical Inc., a leading healthcare products and services company, today announced the offering of three new online continuing education courses through the Aesculap Academy. Providing continued education for practitioners is a key element of B. Braun's commitment to its "Sharing Expertise" culture and its goal to help promote a safer and more effective healthcare system to help save and improve lives.  The new courses are offered at no charge and focus on safety, infection control and patient care:


DEHP Plasticized Medical Products: Are They Hazardous to Your Health? --

This course defines what PVC and DEHP materials are and their possible

hazardous effects on humans and the environment. Various IV drugs, which

are related to this issue and alternatives in providing safer infusion

therapy to patients, will also be discussed.


Pulmonary Embolism -- The pulmonary thromboembolic process, including

deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism (PE) will be the focus of

this course. Information about etiology and symptoms, diagnostic

procedures, interventions and treatment of DVT and PE will be discussed.


Medication Errors in Infusion Therapy -- Potential causes, solutions and

improvements to the problem of medication error are discussed. Emphasis is

placed on the areas of dispensing and administration of IV medications.


Senior clinical nurse consultant, Robin Ginter RN, BS, MBA, CCRN, and nurse

consultant Robin Gregus, RN, as well as clinical and technical support

manager Ruth M. Kortebein, RN, BS, developed the online courses in

accordance with the California Board of Registered Nursing, the Florida

Board of Registered Nurses, and the American Society of Radiologic

Technologists for CE. The American Nurses Credentialing Center's Commission

of Accreditation and the American Association of Critical Care Nurses

accredit B. Braun as a provider of continuing education in nursing.


"These new courses enhance Aesculap Academy's curriculum and provide

quality education that meets the demands of the changing landscape of the

healthcare industry. Education is a necessary element of continuing to

provide the best patient care possible," said Ginter.


The new online CE courses can be taken by visiting www.bbraunusa.com and

linking from the home page to the Aesculap Academy page.  Aesculap Academy

provides a wide spectrum of continuing education programs and classes for

practitioners in multi-disciplinary environments. The Academy offers

numerous standard courses to select from and customized courses that can be

developed specifically for the needs of your facility.


Since its founding in 1839, B. Braun has built an unparalleled store of

knowledge and expertise in delivering innovative healthcare products,

medical devices and programs that enhance both patient and

health-professional safety.  Its 30,000 employees worldwide are proud of

their commitment to translating customer needs into products with unmatched

quality, superior technology, cost-effectiveness and environmental



Source: B. Braun Medical Inc.