B. Braun Medical Inc. Captures 2005 Medical Devices Emerging Leader of the Year Award from Frost & Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan has presented B. Braun Medical Inc. with its 2005 Medical Devices Emerging Leader of the Year Award for its commitment in addressing healthcare professionals needs with superior quality products, and novel educational services and training programs to improve patient and clinician safety. B. Braun Medical Inc. has one of the highest 2004 industry-wide growth rates.

An established market leader in Europe, B. Braun is now building its U.S. market presence. While its U.S. subsidiary, B. Braun Medical Inc., is the regional anesthesia market leader, it is now emerging as a formidable competitor in other segments such as infusion therapy, drug delivery, dialysis equipment, and interventional cardiology.

B. Braun Medical Inc. demonstrates true health-sector leadership, producing innovative products that achieve operational excellence and protect patients and health professionals from risks associated with medication errors, notes Frost & Sullivan research analyst Sheila Ewing.

Held in Miami, Frost & Sullivans Best Practices Awards Banquet honors world-class companies for contributing innovative developments to the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry, as well as companies yielding emerging technologies in a variety of fields.  An annual event, the banquet recognizes the quality and merit of distinguished individuals and companies that deliver unparalleled insight on the industry, products and services.

Source: B.Braun Medical Inc.