BD Announces Full Release of Medication Maximizing Syringe

FRANKLIN LAKES, N.J. -- BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company) today announced the full release of the safety-engineered BD Integra 1ml Retracting Tuberculin and Insulin Syringe, the latest addition to BD's Integra portfolio in the U.S. The BD Integra 1ml Retracting Syringes  -- available in five needle/gauge sizes -- have an integral needle that can help clinicians maximize medications drawn from multi-dose vials. 


"The BD Integra 1ml Syringe like all Integra syringes -- has extremely low waste space volume which helps to maximize the number of medication doses that can be drawn from a multi-dose medication vial," said Frank Guido, president of Medical Surgical Systems for BD Medical. "This feature can help healthcare providers and organizations reduce medication waste and the associated costs."


The BD Integra 1ml Syringe features a low waste space volume design. The permanently attached needle makes this reduction possible. The United States Pharmacopeia recommends that drug manufacturers overfill drug vials to account for the waste space volume typically found in conventional syringes. By using a syringe that minimizes waste space, clinicians can maximize the number of doses they draw from multi-dose vials. This benefit is especially important for physicians and healthcare facilities administering expensive medications. 


The BD Integra 1ml Syringe is designed to help protect healthcare workers against accidental needlesticks while improving clinical performance and enhancing patient care. It is also designed to be activated using one hand, making it easier to use. The device also features wider flanges to offer healthcare workers more stability and comfort when delivering injections. The clear barrel and bold scale markings make precise dosing easier. In addition, after an injection is administered, the needle retracts into the syringe barrel, minimizing the potential for needlestick injury.


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Source: BD