Biocides Symposium Announcement and Call for Abstract Submissions

The symposium, PacifiChem 2005: Biocides Old and New: Where Chemistry and Microbiology Meet, will be held Dec. 15-20, 2005 in Honolulu. Abstracts are welcomed, and should be submitted before April 13, 2005.


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Historically, it was the interplay of chemistry and microbiology that helped to create new biocides and new methods of infection control. Recent progress in both chemistry and life sciences once again offers many opportunities and challenges in these areas. This symposium is planned as a forum to review recent developments in biocides and infection control.


The focus will be on: (1) newer and safer biocidal chemicals for infection control, (2) mechanism(s) of the biocidal action of chemicals against planktonic forms and biofilms of pathogenic organisms, and (3) biocides against emerging, reemerging and antibiotic-resistant pathogens. This is the first symposium of its kind at a PacifiChem conference.


Several prominent experts have already accepted invitations for oral presentations. This announcement is to invite abstracts for high-quality posters based on original and unpublished work. A symposium book is being proposed for selected presentations as an ACS Symposium Series Book, to be published by the American Chemical Society and Oxford University Press.


For submissions, visit and note that the number for this symposium is #50. For more details, contact Dr. Peter Zhu at Advanced Sterilization Products (ASP) at the following email address: