BioMed Protect Launches Peridox in Response to Emerging Infection Threats

In response to the growing problem of healthcare-acquired infections, BioMed Protect now offers Peridox®, a broad-spectrum, EPA-registered sporicidal disinfectant that is designed to be 25 percent to 40 percent faster than other leading liquid products for Clostridium difficile infection control and prevention. 

According to Dr. Paul Brister of BioMed Protect in St. Louis, This product will finally allow infection preventionists to implement aggressive, proactive HAI reduction strategies facility-wide. The introduction of Peridox in ready-to-use and diluted concentrate now means you can expand the use of broad-spectrum, cost-effective sporicidal disinfectants to not only isolation rooms or confirmed C. diff cases, but to entire facilities which will likely dramatically lower healthcare acquired infection incidents and ultimately save lives."

Independent testing has shown the formulation to be effective against C. diff. in just a three-minute contact time. The reduced time for application and effectiveness means more surfaces can be effectively cleaned and disinfected in a shorter period by hospital and clinical workers, ultimately reducing healthcare labor and costs.  It is equally effective against MRSA and 45 other pathogens.

In extensive testing the hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid-based formulation is shown to leave no harmful or corrosive residues, no undesirable film on surfaces and not cause damage on most surfaces.  The formulation also offers the benefit of an excellent cleaning performance removing years of unwanted bleach and/or quat residue left from previous cleaning efforts.

Peridox utilizes a patented chemistry that exhibits supreme antimicrobial killing power in just three minutes," says Brister. "Unlike bleach, Peridox is safe for use on surfaces due to a proprietary blend of corrosion inhibitors and will not leave harmful residues."

The solution can be applied on healthcare surfaces and medical equipment including difficult to disinfect items such as portable and fixed medical equipment.  Internal compatibility testing by BioMed Protect with common healthcare surfaces such as stainless steel, various plastics, and flooring have shown no physical or detrimental change to the material.  We are diligently working with major medical equipment manufactures to ensure compatibility with specific equipment and devices common in todays healthcare facilities, says Brister.