Breakthrough Medical Device Called "Thermal Angel" Helps Save Lives on Iraqi Battlefield and U.S. Homefront

DALLAS -- The U.S. military forces in Iraq have an angel on their side. It's a medical device called the "Thermal Angel" that is being extensively used by the Marines to treat casualties in their portable operating rooms, the Forward Resuscitative Surgical System (FRSS).

Developed by Estill Medical Technologies, Inc., the high-tech tool is the world's only blood and IV fluid infusion warmer that runs on batteries. It plays a critical role in saving lives by quickly helping to prevent a trauma victim's core body temperature from dropping to a hypothermic level.

"Our product is so effective that we've sold it to every branch of the U.S. military, helping to ensure a high standard of care for our forces," reports Jay Lopez, chief operating officer for the Texas-based company.

In the past, medics normally warmed an IV bag using their own body heat or a cumbersome AC-powered fluid warmer. With a Thermal Angel, medical staff members are able to infuse blood and IV fluids at a continuously regulated 38 degrees Celsius, thereby preventing fluid-induced hypothermia.

Fluid-induced hypothermia is a serious issue. "One problem in treatment of trauma patients is the loss of core body temperature. Use of the Thermal Angel eliminates one of the side-effects of cold IV fluid administration, and as a result may lead to the survival of some patients who might otherwise die," says Dr. Richard Clinchy III, chairman of the American College of Prehospital Medicine.

Disposable and lightweight (9 ounces), the Thermal Angel utilizes advanced technology which regulates temperature almost 5,000 times per second. It also requires only 30 seconds to set up and start delivering warm fluid in either a battlefield or commercial healthcare setting. As a result of the Thermal Angel's portability, it follows the patient from the initial point of injury, through transport, into ER and recovery for an uninterrupted continuum of care.

In addition to U.S. military installations around the world, the Thermal Angel is used by hospitals, emergency medical services (EMS) and flight services across the United States. To date, more than 80 countries have expressed interest in the Thermal Angel.

Source: Estill Medical Technologies, Inc.