Breakthrough Nontoxic Disinfectant Cleaner Now Available For Commercial Applications


SAN JOSE, Calif. -- EnviroSystems, Inc., a manufacturer of people-safe, environmentally friendly infection control products, today announced the availability of EcoTru, a nontoxic disinfectant cleaner for use in commercial markets that include healthcare, hospitality, travel, food processing and military applications. The only EPA-registered Tox. Category IV [refer to:] disinfectant on the market, EcoTru is designed to kill tuberculosis and a wide spectrum of viruses, bacteria and fungi in five to 10 minutes without any of the hazards posed by other categories of disinfectants. The product needs no warning labels. It does not irritate eyes and can be absorbed through the skin, inhaled or swallowed without harmful effects.

"The need to safeguard public health is more important than ever before," said EnviroSystems president and CEO Diana Hoffman. "During the past 50 years, the evolution of pathogens has outpaced that of the disinfectants used to control them. As a result, more resistant pathogens have emerged, and with the significant increase in global air travel, they can be spread more quickly."

"EnviroSystems' goal is to create products that not only kill today's pathogens, but do so safely and cost-effectively," Hoffman continued. "EcoTru meets those objectives. Hygienists, nursing staff, child care workers and janitorial personnel no longer need to risk their own health to protect patients, children and customers."

While other classes of disinfectant cleaners kill pathogens, all pose possible health concerns ranging from rashes to lung damage. These concerns create barriers to disinfectant use where it could be most needed (e.g., providing infection control for children, the elderly, and adults with compromised immune systems). Only EcoTru, with its U.S. EPA Tox. Category IV classification, has been proven to be completely safe for people, animals and the environment.

EcoTru is environmentally safe. By using EcoTru, the costs and health risks associated with hazardous chemical disposal are eliminated. The product literally can be poured down the drain without contaminating the ground or water supplies. EcoTru is a broad-spectrum disinfectant cleaner that can be applied to any hard surface, including equipment, counters, walls, fixtures and floors. One product can now take the place of many, reducing product inventories and saving valuable storage space. Chemical disposal costs can be eliminated, and disinfection and cleaning costs can be reduced.

EcoTru is nonoxidizing, nonacidic and nonionic. It won't corrode plastic, metals or acrylic, making the product ideal for use on equipment and instruments. The aesthetic appearance and mechanical operation of expensive resources are not compromised. And because EcoTru is not a bleaching or staining agent, no special precautions are needed for clothes and other materials.

EcoTru is nonflammable and therefore safe to store most anywhere and also to use in unstable conditions. Case in point, EcoTru was used extensively during Ground Zero operations; all other available disinfectant cleaners were potentially flammable and would have exposed rescue workers to greater risks.

"EcoTru represents a technology breakthrough in disinfectant cleaners," said Larry Weiss, MD, senior scientist at EnviroSystems. "But the breakthrough isn't in EcoTru's active ingredient. PCMX (parachlorometaxylenol) has been a proven microbial disinfectant agent for over 50 years. What makes EcoTru unique is its nanoemulsion formulation (see description that follows). Other microbial disinfectants require large doses of their respective active ingredients to surround pathogen cell walls, which causes them to disintegrate, fundamentally 'drowning' them in the disinfectant solution."

"Rather than 'drowning' cells, EcoTru's formulation allows PCMX to target and penetrate cell walls," Weiss continued. "As a result, PCMX is effective at concentration levels one-to-two orders of magnitude lower than those of other disinfectants. That's why there are no toxic effects on people, animals or the environment."

EcoTru is sold through distributors and licensing agreements. Contact Marc Thibault, director of sales and marketing, at (408) 501-0890 to learn more about becoming a distributor or licensing the product. To learn more about EcoTru disinfectant cleaner, visit

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