Buffalo Filter Showcases Smoke Plume Evacuation Electrosurgical Pencil at ACS 2012

Buffalo Filter will be exhibiting its extensive line of Smoke Plume Evacuation products at ACS 2012 Oct. 1-3. Located in Booth 1409A at the McCormick Convention Center in Chicago, Buffalo Filter will feature its latest product offering, the PlumePen Smoke Evacuation Electrosurgical Pencil.

Buffalo Filters PlumePen takes electrosurgical pencils to the next level. With a sleek compact design, the PlumePen Smoke Evacuation Electrosurgical Pencil combines precision surgical smoke plume management with electrosurgery in one device. Featuring Flexible Plume Capture (FPC) technology, the extendable/retractable capture port lets surgeons customize the placement of the smoke evacuation inlet for optimum visibility and the most effective capture regardless of blade length.

Features of FPCTM Technology (Flexible Plume Capture Technology) include: 
 Extendable capture port - FPCTM technology features an ergonomic design that accommodate multiple blade sizes with no locking device and no extending of entire pencil
 Accommodates surgeons' blade preference FPCTM Technology was designed to house most common brands of blades so that surgeons can continue using their blade of preference
 Increased visibility the transparent tube design placed above the blade increases visibility and naturally tracks the rising smoke.